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Holiday travel can often take a toll on your weight loss workout program. But whether your holiday travel plans include business travel on your own or a holiday trip with the family, here are some suggestions to ensure your weight loss workout program program doesn’t get left behind.

You can take fresh fruit, almonds and other nuts, jerky, healthy sandwiches, and other easy-to-carry snacks in the car or on the plane. Airport security checkers won’t prevent you from taking snacks on an airplane – it’s just liquids that you can’t carry on.

If you must eat at the airport, go to the sit-down restaurants. They tend to have healthier options like salads, fish and grilled chicken for sale and since the food is made to order you can request that unhealthy ingredients be left off.

Bring an empty water bottle with you. You’ll also save money by not buying bottled water at the airport. Fill the bottle with water from a water fountain once you get past security. If tap water doesn’t excite you, you can add single-serving packets of ice tea, Crystal Light or many sports drinks for flavor. Bringing your own water with keep you hydrated and away from overpriced sodas, smoothies and juices..

Keeping a food diary is a great way to keep your weight loss program on plan while on the road. Even if you don’t keep a food journal as part of your daily weight loss workout program, writing down what you eat while traveling will keep you mindful of watching what you eat. Stick to your regular eating schedule — including snacks — while on vacation. Logging your snacks will also help remind you to keep to your usual eating plan.

Commit to yourself that you won’t drink calories while on the road and you’ll save hundreds of calories from your diet. So keep clear of non-diet sodas, smoothies and alcohol. If you are at a event where you ‘must drink alcohol, just have a wine or light beer and sip it slowly.

Begin each day with a plan for what and when you are going to eat and drink. What business dinners or other functions are you planning on attending? What is your plan for dealing with them? Have a strategy in advance for what you will eat and drink and then stick to it.

Most diet programs often suggest a reward meal or day once a week. The idea is that for a single meal or a whole day, you can eat and drink anything you want as a reward for staying on track with your diet. Make one of your travel days your reward day.

Often the best way to handle temptation is to avoid it. Don’t take the key to your room’s mini-bar when you are checking in. If there are snacks available in the room, call the hotel concierge and politely ask that they be removed. You’ll not only save a ton of calories, you’ll save a ton of money as well.

Get online before you depart and look up restaurants near where you are staying. Take a look at their menu online and figure out what you will order.

Visit a local grocery store and stock up on healthy drinks and snacks. Or ask at the front desk for food stores that deliver to your hotel. If you don’t have a refrigerator in where you are staying, get an inexpensive Styrofoam cooler at a convenience store or gas station and leave it behind when you check out. Or for a more permanent solution, buy a collapsible soft-sided cooler that you can take will you. Fill it with ice from the ice maker or bar and you’ll have cold drinks and healthy snacks available whenever you want them.

Make in-room meals no hassle and save your calories for special occasions or business meals you need to attend. Stock up on easy, non-perishable foods like whole-grain bread, natural peanut butter, protein bars and fruit.

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